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It's great for people who love minecraft" - by Jesse Stamm - Mar 18, 2013
'If you like minecraft this will help a lot!!!" - by Robloxdude232 - Feb 22, 2013


★★★★ Daily Minecraft News sends directly to your iPhone/ iPad ★★★★
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★★ Quick resources of Minecraft Wallpapers by other Minecraft players all over the world ★★
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Daily News for Minecraft is an unofficial Minecraft News App. Use this app for quick access to the latest Minecraft news.

★ Features ★
1. Update DAILY Minecrat News
2. Minecraft Wallpapers / Screenshots by other Minecraft players all over the world, update regularly
3. Minecraft Videos contain news, guides, tips & tricks, walkthrough about Minecraft, update regularly
4. Tweets from Minecraft Creator
5. The Word of Notch
6. Minecraft Quiz / Trivia, to increase your knowledge about Minecraft
7. Minecraft Polls, to see what other people think about Minecraft
8. Minecraft Tools Memory Game. Find out all Minecraft Tools in playful way
9. Minecraft Puzzle game
10. Built-in Notes App to help you take important notes of Minecraft without need to leave the app
11. Slideshow Interface that makes browsing and comparing Minecraft screenshots just like in science-fiction movie
The app's size is 20MB. The content is huge!