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"Epic ★★★★★ by DragonicOverlord - Mar 23, 2013
Omg this Is the best thank :D"
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AMAZIG PICTURES!!! No ads and you can take a minecraft quiz!!"
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NO CRASH AT ALL. NO ADS. NO NEED for 3G/WIFI- The REAL Minecraft Wallpaper App.
All wallpapers are HD, beautiful, and retina display pics.
100+ Minecraft Wallpapers optimized for iPhone, iPhone 5, and iPad!
WOW Wallpapers for Minecraft brings High Definition Minecraft Wallpapers directly to your iphone/ ipad.
Dress up your iPhone with Minecraft, easily!

★ Features ★

1. Update monthly HD Minecraft Wallpapers
2. Save and share Minecraft Wallpapers for you and your friends
3. All Wallpapers are HD, retina display ready!
4. Minecraft Quiz / Trivia, to increase your knowledge about Minecraft
5. Minecraft Polls, to see what other people think about Minecraft
6. Minecraft Tools Memory Game. Find out all Minecraft Tools in playful way
7. Minecraft Puzzle game
8. Built-in Notes App to help you take important notes of Minecraft without need to leave the app
9. Slideshow Interface that makes browsing and comparing Minecraft Wallpapers just like in science-fiction movie

The app's size is 38 MB. The content is huge! The app will not crash and need no internet connection.