Music Cloud Pro •

• • Just like listening Spotify/Pandora/Deezer, but with NO Subscriptions • • 
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• • Just like your own music library • • 
1. DISCOVER ALL New Top-Charts songs (charts updated daily) 
2. UNLIMITED songs (All your favorite songs are here) 
3. ALL songs or entire album, 100% FREE 
4. LISTEN NON-STOP anywhere, anytime 
5. PLAY & SHUFFLE songs while you are working/ sleeping/ driving/ on the train 
(Close the app and the song is still playing) 
- Play entire Top-Charts songs continuously & automatically 

Music Cloud: Music Discovery Player and Playlist Manager for Soundcloud lets you listen all top-charts songs for free. 

(Because of Soundcloud policy, only 'downloadable' songs can be downloaded.)

1) Look at songs that have 'downloadable' tags 
2) Tap plus button beside it.
3) The app will automatically download and save the songs inside playlist tab, under 'Downloaded' section.


This app uses official SoundCloud API and follows their policy. Soundcloud allows some song to be downloaded. 
So, only songs that are enabled to be downloaded by Soundcloud, can be downloaded by users.