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We are a bunch of people who believe in one thing: “Only with apps, we can contribute to 100.000.000 people’s lives all over the world.”

To achieve this mission, we made a factory that called Karnivall. Karnivall is not an app studio, we are an app factory that wants to flood the world with Made-in-Indonesia apps.

Our culture? “Ngakal-ngakalin biar bisa.” (Hack until the job's done). We believe Indonesia will win the world with something that we do best: ngakal-ngakalin (hacking).

How we do things? Resourceful, Get things done, Not perfect just good enough, & Not fear of mistake.

To make this company get bigger than ourself we need you! As…


Senior iOS Developer



Hi, I’m Alvian, the founding CEO of Karnivall.

Karnivall is an app factory manufacturing mobile applications. We’re making Top-Charts apps and those apps have been downloaded 4,000,000 times by people around the world. In here, we don’t serve clients, but we serve anybody around the world through our impactful apps, so you can use your very utmost creativity in this place.

Our customers range from Russia, Japan, South Korea, Arab Saudi, to the United States. Exciting huh? Now we’re inviting you to grow and learn a lot from here. Since we’re growing faster, we need to hire iOS programmers to make this company even bigger than ourselves and be more useful for other people in every part of the world.

Job Title:

Senior iOS Developer


Job Description:

  •   Produce iOS Apps, that really have impact on people’s lives
  •   Ensure apps design performance benchmarks are met
  •   Work collaboratively with producer and designer to bring the apps to reality


Job Requirement:

  •   Have experience in iOS apps development
  •   A portfolio of work accompanying your application should be submitted
  •   Good knowledge on iOS frameworks, experience in developing mobile application product
  •   Strong Object-Oriented programming skill
  •   Knowledge of Objective-C


Additional Info:

  •   We offer well-paid salary for those accepted to Karnivall
  •   Flexible working hours


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Creative Graphic Designer



Key Qualifications:

  •          Majoring in Art/Design
  •          Sense of design (typography, layout, color, etc) and creativity
  •          Skill to execute different style of design
  •          Good with Vector Art
  •          Have a good judgment and good at iterating fast
  •          Proficient utilizing Adobe Creative Suits skills (Mainly Photoshop & Illustrator)
  •          Have resourceful personality and positive mindset
  •          Looking for an adventurous life (Life should be an adventure!)


Jobs Description:

  •          Design app’s icon & screenshot and optimize it to increase click-through and visits
  •          Design app’s User Interface & User Experience
  •          Make game’s assets


We offer:

  •          Competitive salary
  •          Flexible working hours
  •          Work from home, for certain projects


Join our ship… and let’s have an adventure!

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Life is short… Break things!